Since 2011, Berwick Community TV  has produced programming that informs, educates, and promotes community activism.  We provide coverage of government and school meetings, Town departments, local non-profits, and events occurring in and around Berwick.  We are your local cable access station, and we reflect the unique personality and values of the community we serve.  All programming is commercial free and shows from beginning to end without interruptions.  

Are you, “Cutting the cord,” and saying goodbye to cable?  We understand. Online entertainment, without commercials, is better to watch and far less expensive.  However, there is one negative aspect to all this cord cutting. Berwick Community Television is completely funded by franchise fees, which are rapidly shrinking.  Franchise fees, a form of rent, are paid to the Town of Berwick, by Comcast, for the lines that run through the public rights-of-way.  Comcast, like many other cable providers, passes this fee onto you, the subscriber - the same ones cutting the cord.  The losses from “cord cutters” reduced the BCTV budget by almost $5000 last year.  It is expected that this will double in the next year and franchise fees could potentially disappear within the next 5-7 years.

BCTV is proactively seeking alternative funding sources to supplement and potentially replace the loss of franchise fees.  Solutions include working toward legislative changes at a state and national level and seeking support from our community.  At some point, we may also  have to look at charging for our services and/or for use of equipment.

Your donation will ensure BCTV continues to cover local meetings & events!

Individual $25.00
Organization (Non-Profit) $75.00
Business $125.00

The amounts above are recommendations. 
We will be grateful for your donation – no matter the amount.

You may also send your check or money order - made payable to the Town of Berwick
Mail to:  BCTV, 11 Sullivan Street, Berwick, ME  03901
Click button to donate online

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All monies will be deposited in the Town of Berwick Account.
Funds will be applied to BCTV’s operational budget and will be applied to station costs.
 Donations may also be made anonymously. 

Be sure to let us know if you prefer to not have your business, organization or name listed