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BERWICK, Maine - Berwick Community Television has just released the first program in its “Project Remembrance” series, an interview with CSM Daniel Flint, NH National Guard, Retired.
Flint, of Sanford, ME, served with the National Guard for 41 years, reaching the rank of Command Master sergeant. Project Remembrance is a tribute to past and present members of the armed forces in appreciation of the sacrifices they have made. Flint is a member of Charles H. Hatch Post 79, America Legion.
Flint is interviewed by Dick Moore, a member of the Berwick Community Television Committee. Moore said, “The original idea came from my son, Ryan, but due to time constraints and raising his daughter at the 
time, he allowed me to follow up on it.”
Flint was born in Rochester, NH, and grew up in Berwick. He graduated from Noble High School and signed up with the guard in 1975. He said with his father and four uncles in the guard, family encouragement to join was high.
In conversation with Moore, Flint talks about becoming a wheeled vehicle mechanic with the guard, starting part-time as he also worked at local auto dealers. Around 1983, he was offered a full-time position with the guard and retired in 2016 with the rank of Command Master Sergeant, the highest non-commissioned rank in the army. His service included tours in Kuwait and Iraq.
Moore said, “Command Sergeant Major Flint and I got together and I made sure to make a reasonably-detailed outline of what he wanted to discuss. He never said that there was anything that he wouldn’t discuss.”
Berwick Community Television Director Terri Wright said BCTV provides an opportunity for residents to produce shows like “Project Remembrance.”  “We are so pleased to produce and air programming that depicts the best of our community,” she said. “Mr. Moore’s video, his first, is one that we are proud to air and share with other access stations across the country.” 


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