Members & Past Members

Active Envision Berwick 
Jeremy Kasten - Chair;  Lawn Chairs
Marie Miller
Dan Miller
Elise Weeks
Kevin Jessel 
Cyrus Morgan 
Rick Vandenberg - Rec Master Plan Chair 

Town of Berwick Groups 
Berwick for a Lifetime (BFAL) 
Downtown Vision Committee, now Envision Berwick (DVC)
Envision Berwick (EB)
Recreation Master Plan 
Friends of Berwick Riverfront 
Preservation & Heritage (P&H)
Lawn Chairs Summer Concert Series 

Active Subcommittee Members 
Ruth Bleau-  DVC; BFAL; Rec Master Plan; Former Envision Berwick; Summer Concert Series 
Sharon Kelly - Berwick for a Lifetime 
Laurie Jackson - Berwick for a Lifetime; Preservation & Heritage 
Don Young - Former Envision Berwick; Preservation & Heritage 
Scott Richardson - Rec Master Plan; Friends of Berwick Riverfront; Former Envision Berwick 
Jeremy Kasten - Summer Concert Series 
Terrie Collins - Summer Concert Series

Past Downtown Vision Commitee/ Envision Berwick & Subcommittee Members 
Jessica Sheldon - Downtown Vision Committee Co-Chair; Berwick Farmer's Market Founder
Frank Underwood - Downtown Vision Committee Co-Chair; Economic Development Committee 
Serena Galleshaw - DVC Vice-Chair; Envision Berwick Co-Chair; Great Falls Park Committee Chair 
James Bellissimo - Past Chair, EB; BFAL; DVC; Lawn Chairs 
Judy Haley - Downtown Vision Committee 
Pat Boisvert - Berwick for a Lifetime, Preservation & Heritage (P&H), DVC honorary member 
Paul Boisvert - Planning Board; P&H  
Dave Andreesen - Planning Board Chair; Trails 
Nichole Fecteau - Planning Board; Trails; Friends of Berwick Riverfront 
Kevin Gray - Downtown Vision Committee; Envision Berwick; EDC 
Tom Wright - Board of Selectmen 
Scott Richardson - Envision Berwick; Recreation Master Plan
Craig Plaisted 
Penny Zust - Envision Berwick; Rec Master Plan 
Debra Briggs 
Kelly Gray
Laura Rutkiewicz 
Jen Aubin
Laura Simard
Elena Engle
Ed Levassuer - Liason to Somersworth City Council 
Niles Schore - Former Planning Board Member 
Mike LaRue - Planning Board 
Melinda LaRue 
Tom Briggs 
Derek White 

Special Thanks
John Stoll, former Director of Planning for Berwick;
Patrick Venne, former Town Manager
Dennis Dupuis - Deb & Duke, Friends of the Berwick Riverfront
Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission
Elise Weeks, Pixels & Pulp 
Maine & UNH Cooperative Extension
Lassel Architects
Maine DEP
Weston & Sampson