What do we mean by Sustainability? 
It is helpful to think of sustainability as a three-legged stool where the stool can only stand if all three legs are present. The three legs of the sustainability stool are environmental, economic, and social. When social and environmental are accounted for the situation is bearable. When economic and social are present the situation is equitable. When environmental and economic are included the situation is viable. But only when all three aspects are included is anything sustainable.

Environmental Sustainability
Responsibility: Board of Selectmen, Sustainability Committee, Great Works Regional Land Trust, Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative, Preservation and Heritage
1) Utilize up-to-date green technology and solutions to support economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
2) Protect water quality of the rivers, streams, lakes, and aquifers in Berwick for aquatic life, public drinking water, and recreational opportunities.
Survey Support
To “what do you see as Berwick’s greatest strength or most valuable resource?” top survey answers overwhelmingly highlighted Berwick’s natural assets: open landscape, rural character, natural beauty, agriculture, and the Salmon Falls River.
Survey respondents indicated 52.4% felt strongly and 39.1% somewhat strongly that Berwick should improve environmental sustainability. Berwick must conserve, protect, and support our natural resource systems by developing and adopting better practices for long-term stewardship of Berwick’s environment.
Berwick cares about respecting and protecting its natural resources now and into the future. It is also proud of its agricultural heritage. These are key pieces of our identity. 30 The policies and action items identified for this goal are intended to establish a proactive and comprehensive approach to sustainable development that is protective of natural resources.

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