Sept 2012
"The Downtown Vision Committee is an open and citizen-led group actively engaged, with assistance from Town staff, in fulfilling its mission to "Develop and Present to the Citizens of Berwick a Downtown Vision Report" by June 8, 2013, in time for celebration of the Town's 300th anniversary." 
November 15, 2012
The committee introduced its efforts to the Berwick Planning Board, and has provided regular updates to that Board ever since.  The Committee hopes to derive consensus from the Townspeople related to how investments in the core of Berwick should be made over time, and based on that conversation provide meaningful input for long-range planning exercises.  At present, the Town is working with urban design consultant Gates Leighton Associates (GLA) to translate community ideas into visualizations to be used in further discussing desirable attributes of Town.
January 7, 2013 
Public Input Forum. Don Leighton of GLA discusses his firm's approach to visualizing different scenarios for long-term growth based on low, medium and high-density visualizations at a January 7, 2013 meeting of Berwick's Downtown Vision Committee. Using recent work in Brunswick as an example, he illustrates how community preferences might be derived from an examination of potential build-outs. The intent of this presentation is to demonstrate what sort of process might be used to guide Berwick toward a new vision for its core village area.
April 2013 
"Eleven acres" premiers

Eleven Acres from RootSprout Creative on Vimeo.

May 2013 - Community Charrette Results 
June 2013  --- Envisioing Downtown Berwick Survey Results 
December 2013 -- The return of a tradition.
January 2014 -- The first Berwick Winter Farmer's Market 
March 2014 ---- Public Vision Report Presentation 

April 2014 -- Vision Report Presentation

September 2014 
Community-Wide Engagement & Revitalization in Berwick, Maine

April 2015 --- Annual Town Report 2014-2015 Envision Berwick Report 
Following in the footsteps of the Downtown Vision Committee, Envision Berwick (13 member committee) was established summer 2014 to continue downtown revitalization work and facilitate implementation of the updated Comprehensive Plan with new Downtown Vision Report.

In 2014, our focus was planning for the environmental cleanup of the Prime Tanning property for future redevelopment. In November, the town entered an agreement with property owners (Fund of Jupiter) to take ownership of the 11.7 acre property in order to apply as a municipality to a federal Brownfield remediation program. Working with regional planning commissions, community members and town officials, our committee wrote and submitted a Brownfield Grant application for several lots in the former Prime Tanning location that would allow environmental remediation to happen. We’ll hear back on whether we received the grant in May, 2015.

Also this year, we continued to support several subcommittees working on various projects- Trails, Riverfront, Preservation & Heritage, Sustainability and Economic Development. Trails Committee built and opened to the public a one-mile trail in the Penny Pond Woods, next to the library. The Riverfront Committee was able to identify a location and secure plans for a community boat launch on the Salmon Falls. Preservation & Heritage has kickstarted the Berwick Historical Society again, and Sustainability was able to launch a very successful first and second season of the Berwick Winter Farmers Market!

Moving into 2015, the Envision Berwick Committee will continue community outreach to encourage and seek widespread community participation. Look for community “101” informational sessions on downtown revitalization in spring, and urban design charrette opportunities in the fall. We will continue to focus on creative and comprehensive downtown revitalization strategies, and would love your input.

Many, many thanks go out to all of the wonderfully creative and committed Berwick residents who continue to guide us towards envisioning the downtown of all of our dreams! 
May 2015 
Berwick gets $600K for Prime Tanning clean-up 

April 2015-2016 --- Annual Town Report 
So much has happened since our last Town Report! Just one month later, Berwick was awarded a $600,000 Brownfield grant. This was a major milestone in our efforts and the award has helped to breathe new life into downtown revitalization efforts.

During the summer, the Friends of the Berwick Riverfront built and opened a launching dock on the Salmon Falls River. They are currently in Phase II of their initiative where they are seeking additional funding to have this launch be ADA compliant. 

In the fall of 2015, Berwick chose the Environmental Consultant for the Prime Site development. This decision was another major milestone in the development of the Prime site. The Environmental Consultant will be the lead for how the site is cleaned up.

Envision Berwick has met with TIF specialist Scott Benson on several occasions to learn about Tax incentives that will help bring businesses in town that fit our vision. The TIF will help fund various town improvements. 

In October of 2015, The Seacoast Workforce Housing Charette was completed. Community members and professionals collaborated to envision pieces of the downtown within and branching off from the Prime site.


January 2016 
Rachel Pozzetti wins Envision Berwick’s Welcome to Berwick sign slogan contest with the slogan “Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow.”
Berwick chooses slogan to greet visitors

In February of 2016, with the help of the Berwick community, we were able to install an ice rink at the Estabrook School. We look forward to building upon the project next year.

There’s much more in the works! One thing we have all learned as a group is that this is a comprehensive movement, and many things are being worked at on a simultaneous timeline. Looking forward to the next year we are primed to check off a significant number of objectives that were outlined in our 2014 Vision Report. 
May 20, 2016 
Berwick awarded 600K again, total is now $1.2M

June 1, 2016 
Envision Berwick joins Somersworth Chamber of Commerce 


June 19, 2016 
Volunteers help reinvent Berwick

September 7, 2016 
Demolition is under way on old tannery

September 21, 2016
The Beer Journal: The town that beer could save

November 7, 2016 -- Prime Progress! 

November 28, 2016 --- Age-Friendly Berwick Survey Results


December 2, 2017
Home repair a big concern for older Berwick residents

March 10, 2017 
Berwick's Prime demolition enters Phase 2 

March, 2017 - Lassel Architects "Concept ' Main Street' Diagram" 
April 7, 2017 
Berwick Hosts Stop 1 of the Community Engagement Academy  
April 23,  2017 
Brownfields grants a solution to blight

May 7,  2017 
With a prime location, Berwick envisions its revitalization

May 15, 2017
June 23,  2017 
Berwick for a Lifetime seeks input

June 27, 2017
Forum focuses on age-friendly needs


July 23, 2017
Volunteers participate in park clean-up

October 12, 2017
December 24, 2017 
Vision for Berwick downtown emphasizes live/work environment

January 21, 2018 
Berwick downtown continues its transformation

August 1, 2018 
Easing on down the river

September 14, 2018 
New brewery to open in Berwick

July 29,2019

New Berwick music concert series aims to create community

August 3, 2019
Bring Your Lawn Chairs to Sullivan Square | August 3rd, 2019
August 10, 2019

November 1, 2019
Ex-Prime Tanning property sold in Berwick

November 4, 2019
New owner pledges to transform former tannery site in Berwick

November 6, 2019 - First Listening Session w/ Great Falls Construction 

December 19, 2019 - Second Listening Session w/ Great Falls Construction 

September 8, 2020

March 23. 2021

Berwick Prime Tanning Site Gets Funding for Village Center Project