Comprehensive Plan

Berwick's Comprehensive plan was adopted in 1990 with broad community support and this plan provides a foundation for local regulations.  A portion of the plan was amended in 2004.  The original plan was created at a time when Berwick was the fastest growing town in Maine, and together with the 2004 update composes a document critical to managing growth and development in the Town.  The Town ha since  adopted two addendums to the plan in 2014 with the Downtown Vision Plan & in 2020 with the Recreation Master Plan (both are linked below). 

For any questions or for more information, please contact Berwick's Department of Planning at (207) 698-1101 ext. 124, or alternatively email

The Town is currently updating the plan (click below to view)

2022 Town Comprehensive Plan (Draft)

2020 Recreation Master Plan

Berwick 1991 Comprehensive Plan & 2004 Update