MS4 Stormwater Information

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The town is subject to the general permit for Stormwater discharges from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4).  This is a clean water act permit issued by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. 

The Town works cooperatively with four other Towns that are also regulated for stormwater discharges.  These communities are South Berwick, Eliot, Kittery, and York.  The Towns meet every other month to cooperate on permit requirements.  The monthly meeting notices and agendas are available at  Other events and activities related to stormwater are posted on the Towns’ Facebook page:  "Southern Maine Stormwater Working Group.”

If you ever see anyone discharging pollutants into the storm drain system, please contact the Planning Office at 207-698-1101 ext. 124  or

The following documents provide more information about the Town's MS4 program: