Natural Resource Maps

Interactive Map  - This map gives you the ability to layer the maps below. You can do so by clicking the top right icon and selecting different layers. If you have questions on how to use this, feel free to call 207-698-1101 ext. 124 or e-mail

High Value Plant & Animal Habitats

Natural Resource Co-Occurrence Map This map represents the concentration of environmental assets. Its purpose is to highlight a given area's conservation values as an aid in planning.

Undeveloped Habitat Blocks & Connectors This map highlights und e ve lope d natural are as like ly to provid e c ore habitat bloc ks and habitat c onne c tions that fac ilitate spe c ie s move me nts be twe e n blocks.

Water Resources & Riparian Habitats

Wetlands Characterization The Wetlands Characterization model is a planning tool intended to help identify likely wetland functions associated with significant wetland resources and adjacent uplands.