Burn Permit Information

Smokey_WebState law requires a written permit for open burning, including recreational campfires (with some exceptions). Permits will only be issued to the property owner, or with written permission from the owner. Burning is primarily limited to untreated wood, wood wastes, yard debris (such as brush/leaves), and agricultural burning. If you have any questions on the laws regarding open burning, please stop into the fire station or call us at (207) 698-1174 for a complete explanation.

Burning permits will be issued June - March, beginning at 9:00AM, in accordance with the State issued "class day:"

Class 1: Burning is allowed all day
Class 2: Burning is allowed all day
Class 3: Burning is allowed from 5:00PM to 9:00AM only
Class 4: Burning is NOT permitted
Class 5: Burning is NOT permitted

Burning permits issued April - May will only be valid from 5:00PM - 9:00AM, regardless of the class day (with no burning allowed on class 4 & 5 days).

The fire danger classification is determined daily by the Maine Forest Service during the spring, summer, and fall (we are in Zone 1). The fire danger is determined locally by the Town Forest Warden when a rating is not issued by the State. 

All permits obtained from the Town are free of charge. Permits may be obtained from www.wardensreport.com. Permits obtained on-line are only valid between the hours of 5:00PM and 9:00AM the following day, regardless of the fire danger classification.

 NOTICE: Depending on local conditions, permits may be limited to after 05:00 PM or prohibited completely, even on low fire danger class days.  This determination will be made by the Fire Department dependent on circumstances and applies to both locally obtained permits and online permits.