Fire and Rescue

Dennis Plante | Fire ChiefPic_Web
10 School Street
Berwick, ME 03901
Ph: (207) 698-1174
Fx: (207) 698-4592
EMERGENCY: Dial 9-1-1

The Berwick Fire & Rescue Department is responsible for providing both emergency and non-emergency services to the Town of Berwick, and surrounding communities as requested. We provide fire suppression, non-transport emergency medical services, vehicle extrication, fire prevention/education, the provision of burning permits, and a number of other services to the community. We are a combination department; comprised of career, per diem and call personnel. There is one career Firefighter/EMT on-duty 24/7, partnered with a per diem Firefighter/EMT Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1800. These personnel are supplemented by call personnel , who respond from home when available. We operate out of one station; with a fleet consisting of two engines, one quint, one tanker, one medium-duty rescue, one forestry unit, one boat and one command vehicle. Our call volume continues to increase each year, with the following annual incident totals:

2017: 919
2016: 720
2015: 705 
2014: 567



  • Assistant Chief Bruce Plante, EMR
  • Captain Steve Plante, EMT
  • Captain Marc Plante, EMT
  • Lieutenant Nick Goulet
  • Lieutenant Jamie Fallon
  • Lieutenant Scott Dowler
  • Firefighter Steve Thomas
  • Firefighter Robert Couture
  • Firefighter Billy Kincaid
  • Firefighter Dylan Leary
  • Firefighter Sebastian Thomas, EMT
  • Firefighter Jeffrey Doyle
  • Firefighter Anthony Trussell
  • Firefighter Sarah Turner, EMT
  • Firefighter Randy Townsend, EMT
  • Firefighter Mitchell Manfredi
  • Firefighter Cody Guile, EMT
  • Firefighter Josiah Stewart
  • Firefighter Joseph Perron
  • Firefighter Brandon Viola
  • Junior Firefighter Alex DeLorge
  • Junior Firefighter Andy Leary

Per Diem

  • Firefighter Brandon Lyon, EMT
  • Firefighter Billy Farrell, EMT
  • Firefighter Zach Seeley, EMT


Truck 1: 1997 HME/Smeal (1250gpm/500gal), 75-foot quint

Engine 2: 2017 Spartan/Toyne (1500gpm/1200gal)

Engine 3: 2017 Spartan/Toyne (1500gpm/1200gal)

Tank 4: 2009 International/Toyne (750gpm/3000gal)

Squad 5: 1997 Freightliner, Medium-duty Rescue

Forestry 6: 2013 Ford F-550/Blanchat (225gpm/300gal)