Memorial Field

The Recreation Department oversees the scheduling and maintenance of Memorial Field, which is located at the end of Sweetser Street.  This area includes two playgrounds, three baseball fields, a multi-purpose field, a basketball court, a pavilion and a building for storage and concessions.  Anyone interested in using the space for an organized activity should call the Recreation Department to check on availability.  Some youth sports program that currently utilize Memorial Field for activities include the Berwick Youth Baseball, Noble Travel Soccer, Berwick Youth Soccer and Squires Youth Football.  For more information on these teams, please go to our club and team sports page.

Memorial Field is Tobacco Free inside the fence. Please smoke away from the pathways and use the waste container provided.

Whether off or on leash, dogs are not be permitted at the Field. 

In the best interest of our children playing, running and using these fields the new policy at Memorial Field is NO Dogs allowed.  We realize this maybe an inconvenience but is in the best interest and the sanitation and safety of our youth, spectators and everyone attending.

Please maximize parking by parking as close as possible to the vehicle next to you and optimizing traffic flow through the parking area. 

Below is a diagram of how we suggest everyone utilize the available parking area. 

Please remember that the road leading up to the gate into the field must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. There are several handicapped parking spaces that may be used by properly marked handicapped vehicles, but no other vehicles should be parked in this area. There is NO Parking on the yellow lines on Sweetser St. 

If you must park in the neighborhood on other streets, PLEASE respect the residents by not parking in front of their driveways, mailboxes (Saturday morning), or lawns. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Memorial Field Policy