The Berwick Transfer Station Recycles over 500 tons of Material each year.

Here are a few examples of what we can recycle to help protect our environment and our generations to come:

Plastic #1, #2 and #5(PLEASE CLEAN ALL CONTAINERS)


  • Water, milk, soda and juice bottles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise containers, salad dressing bottles, yogurt cups and any other containers that held food.


  • Laundry soap, bleach, dish liquid, ammonia and liquid cleaner bottles.


  • Shampoo and liquid soap bottles, baby powder, mouthwash, asprin and vitamin containers.
  • Please remember we do not accept any black plastic, flower pots or any type of plastic bags.

We recycle glass bottles, jars, aluminum, tin and steel food cans in the same container.

We have an area set aside where you can place your aluminum soda and beer cans.  These cans go directly to the Berwick Fire Department to help them buy some needed equipment.

We also recycle cardboard, paper, as well as magazines and soft & hard covered books.

Other items we recycle

  • TV's - Computer Monitors (and their components) - other electronics - Car Batteries - Household Batteries  -Fluorescent Bulbs and all items that contain mercury.

So before you load up that trash, take a look at what you can recycle!!!

It costs less to recycle than putting it in the household trash.

Think About It.

State of Maine Recycling Department